• Soins de santé et massothérapie à domicile / In home health care and massotherapy (MONTRÉAL - LAVAL - LONGUEUIL - BOUCHERVILLE - REPENTIGNY - TERREBONNE)
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Your body is your most valuable asset.

Take good care of it!

Offer yourself an in-home massage!

 The human body is made of  7 billion billion billion atoms, composing water, chlorine, sodium, calcium, glucose, protein molecules…
building themselves about 3 000 000 billion cells,
which compose our organs and complex systems (muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, urinary…),
the smooth functioning of which will ensure your good health!
Therefore, confortably at home, take care of your body, calling

a Saphyr Soins foot care professional or massage therapist,
for your customized in-home massage!

Make your appointment for your
in home Saphyr Soins service!