• Soins de santé et massothérapie à domicile / In home health care and massotherapy (MONTRÉAL - LAVAL - LONGUEUIL - BOUCHERVILLE - REPENTIGNY - TERREBONNE)
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Your feet carry you around.

Take care of them!

Hidden in your shoes and often neglected, your feet unable you to stand up.
They are responsable for keeping your body upright and thus help you prevent many pains.
With twenty six bones, twenty muscles, more than 7 000 nerve endings, they form a real natural computer!
Thanks to them, your pelvis and shoulders can be upright.
So, take good care of them to avoid fungal infections, ingrowing nails, etc…
Wash them, dry them, sand them, massage them, cream them and…

Call a Saphyr Soins foot care specialist,
who will come to your home!

Saphyr Soins' mission is to offer in home customized foot care,
not following exclusively a protocol,
but addressing each patient's needs.



Foot care

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