• Soins de santé et massothérapie à domicile / In home health care and massotherapy (MONTRÉAL - LAVAL - LONGUEUIL - BOUCHERVILLE - REPENTIGNY - TERREBONNE)
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Your body is your most valuable asset.

Take good care of it!

Offer yourself an in-home massage!

With more than 200 bones, held together by tendons, ligaments, fasciae and over 650 muscles, your body is a complex structure that adapts permanently to exterior aggressions.
Scientific research has proven that massotherapy could help the body to be in a better condition, particularly relieving migraine, articular and muscular chronic pain and alleviating the symptoms of stress, chronic fatigue and depression.
Thus, take good care of it, in order to prevent or relieve your strained muscles, chronic pain and lumbago, but also to feel much better about yourself!

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